Homes Act 2018: Are you ready?

19/7/2019 10:36 AM

Tomorrow (20th March 2019) marks the day that the new Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 comes in to force in England. Originally introduced by Karen Buckle MP, the legislation has been largely supported throughout the industry.

All social and private landlords (or agents) will now be required to ensure that a property and its common areas are fit for human habitation at the time of the tenancy commencing, and throughout the term. If a home is found to be hazardous, tenants will have the right to take direct legal action in the courts for breach of contract.

The legislation applies to all new, or renewed tenancies (including those that become periodic) that start on or after 20th March 2019. This includes tenancies that are 'significantly changed', for example where one tenant replaces another on the contract. All existing tenancies will fall under the requirements from 20th March 2020.

If you're unsure about your obligations as a Landlord, or simply want to talk through the new requirements please feel free to give me a call! 

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