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On average we achieve


of original asking price for our clients.
On average we achieve an extra


for our clients -vs- the average agent*.
On average we agree a sale in


days -vs- the UK average of 77 days**.
On average we agree a sale in


A total of


of our clients came to us due to recommendations.
We save our clients an average of


when compared to the average national fee***.
We've sold a total of


of property in Hinckley & Nuneaton.
We have an average rating of


on Facebook, Google, and AllAgents.
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Information based on internal data unless otherwise indicated (data available upon request).

Average % of asking price achieved is calculated based on the original asking price of the property.

Total value of sold stock is based on current sales agreed, and completed sales only (sales that fall through or do not complete are removed).

*Based on the average East Midlands house price according to Rightmove as of June 2019, and the national average % of asking price achieved according to Zoopla.

**According to information from Rightmove.

***Based on national average fee of 1.42% inc. VAT, according to The Advisory.
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Why Choose Us?

Be protected when using us to let or sell your property!

As a propertymark agent your money is protected, our accounts are audited and we're member of an independent redress scheme.

You're Protected

Thanks to our network of agents across the UK, we've built strong connections with a number of industry suppliers.

Whether you need a mortgage, insurance, or conveyancing we can provide you with competitive quotes from tried and tested companies.

Connected Services

Unlike an 'online only' agent we have a genuine local presence, with our prominent office on Castle Street.

However, unlike your traditional high street agent we fully embrace the technology available to us and rival online agents too!

Hybrid Approach

Unlike most agents our doors don't close to you at 5:30pm, and we're available on Saturdays and Sundays too.

If a purchaser or tenant wants to view your property after work hours, no problem!

Responsive Service

When choosing an agent, you want one that will get your property the biggest exposure. That's why we list on Rightmove, Zoopla, primelocation and many other sites.

Did you know, around 30% of Zoopla's visitors don't visit Rightmove when searching for a property?

Maximum Exposure

As a hybrid agency we save on a number of other items due to our network, and we pass these savings directly onto you without compromising on service!

Save £1,000's

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Our Services

Below you can find a summary of the services offered by Open House Estate Agents. This information is intended only as a 'snapshot' of the services we offer, if you'd like more information please arrange a free consultation or give us a call!

Thinking of moving?

Moving home is often referred to as the most stressful experience anyone can go through. At Open House we don't just want to sell your house, we want to make sure you get the keys to your next home as soon as possible.

We love going the extra mile for our clients, and will help you with every aspect of the moving process.

Furthermore you won't be dealing with several people throughout the process, you'll have your own dedicated expert who will look after everything from marketing, through to viewings and sales progression.

See key features...

Free Advice

Whether you're thinking of moving now, or in 12 months. We'll happily pop round to have a chat and put you on the right path.

It might cost you a cup of tea....

Tailored Strategy

If you are ready to market then we'll discuss and agree a strategy that's tailored to your circumstances.

We have a number of different routes to market for your property.

No Contract

We're confident in our abilities and we want you to use us because you want to, not because you have to.

If you don't think we're working hard enough, cancel immediately.

Professional Photos & Floor Plans

When you are ready to move, we provide all of our vendors with professional photographs and a floor plan as standard.

We don't believe in charging extra for things that are proven to help sell your property.

Maximum Exposure

Your property will be listed on Rightmove, Zoopla & primelocation to ensure you get maximum exposure.

Did you know that around 30% of Zoopla's visitors don't visit Rightmove when searching for a property?

Accompanied Viewings

We'll happily accompany viewings. It's proven that an agent accompanying viewings makes it easier to obtain feedback from buyers.

This also helps us to build a rapport ready to negotiate offers.

Sales Progression

Unfortunately 35% of sales in the UK fall through. That's why it's vital that we keep our finger on the pulse, and keep you updated as things progress. We'll work hard to ensure you complete!

Utilities Management

You've got enough on your plate with moving in to your new property. We can handle the switching of your utilities, and our service provider can even ensure you're getting the best deal.

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Please note, terms and conditions apply to all services. Contact us for more information.

You have a property that needs a tenant, and we can help find you that tenant! 

Perhaps you're comfortable navigating through the legislative requirements of property management, but just need a hand finding yourself a new tenant.

If that's the case, this might be the right service for you. You'll deal with one staff member throughout the entire process, guaranteeing a smooth and personal approach to getting your property occupied.

See key features...

Free Legal Advice

There are over 180 pieces of legislation that may need to be taken in to account when renting a property.

We'll keep you updated and help ensure you're compliant.

Professional Photographs & Floor Plan

We put in the same effort and attention to detail when marketing a rental property, that we do when marketing a property for sale.

Photographs increase property views online, and a floor plan has been proven to increase viewings!

Maximum Exposure

Your property will be listed on Rightmove, Zoopla & primelocation to ensure you get maximum exposure.

Did you know that around 30% of Zoopla's visitors don't visit Rightmove when searching for a property?

Independent Referencing

We've teamed up with Let Alliance who provide some of the industries most thorough referencing products.

You want good tenants, and we'll do everything we can do ensure that you get the best!

Comprehensive Inventory

An inventory isn't just about listing what items are in the house, it must record the condition of the entire property.

Without a thorough inventory it can be very difficult to defend deposit disputes. We'll make sure you're as protected as possible!

No Paperwork

We'll get your set-up with a tenancy provided by one of the industries regulatory bodies. It's regularly updated to ensure that you don't get caught out.

We'll also make sure all required paperwork is served on your tenants prior to the tenancy starting, so that you don't have to.

Accompanied Move In

Unlike most agents we'll meet your tenants at the property to do a handover. As we're open 24/7 we are able to do this out of hours where required.

Whilst on site we'll ensure that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are tested as required by law.

Complimentary Eviction Cover

Even with all the hard work we put in to finding the right tenants, it's impossible to foresee how things will turn out.

If the you need to take legal action to regain possession of your property within 12 months of the tenants moving in, we'll cover the cost.

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Please note, terms and conditions apply to all services. Contact us for more information.

If you're looking for the complete letting solution, this is it. You'll receive all of the services in our Tenant Find Only service, plus a complete property management solution.

The only time you should ever hear from us is when we're forwarding your rent, or when we're forwarding over an inspection report. You'll deal with one staff member for everything from finding a tenant, all the way through to moving them out and dealing with the deposit.

See key features...

You get everything in our Tenant Find Only service, plus...

Lifetime Rent & Legal Protection

For as long as we're managing your property, we've got your back! All of our managed clients receive our 'nil excess' rent guarantee and legal protection service.

Don't worry about arrears again, you're protected.

No Paperwork

Not only will we deal with all of the paperwork required to move your tenants in, we'll also look after all paperwork throughout the entire tenancy.

This includes things such as any ongoing Right to Rent checks, and organising gas safety records etc...

Regular Property Visits

Property visits don't just benefit you, they also benefit your tenants! We'll visit around 6 weeks after your tenant first moves in, and then every 4 months thereafter.

You'll receive a report after each visit, and if any action is required we'll advise accordingly.

Electronic Statements

Your statements will be emailed to you (and your accountant if you like...), on the same day that we process your payment.

We'll help keep you organised, by sending statements promptly.

Free Tenancy Renewals

Your tenant will initially sign a fixed term contract. It's not uncommon for agents to charge an admin fee to both you and your tenant when it's time to renew. We don't charge either of you!

This means your tenant is more likely to sign for an additional fixed term, so you know where you stand.

Rent Collection & Credit Control

We'll handle all of the financials. From rent collection, through to arrears chasing and contractor payments.

We don't hold on to your money for long either, we'll pay you within 48 hours of clearance. It's your money after all!

Maintenance Handling

You won't be receiving calls from your tenant at midnight on a Sunday because something has gone wrong... We will by the way, we're open 24/7!

We'll work hard to look after your property.

Full Deposit Handling

We'll register the deposit at the start of the tenancy, and serve all of the required paperwork.

At the end of the tenancy we will compile a detailed check-out report and advise if we feel any deductions should be made against the deposit. We'll also deal with any disputes.

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Please note, terms and conditions apply to all services. Contact us for more information.

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